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About Me

My name is Alyssa Osborne and I am the owner of Wrappin' Osborne. I have been an artist since I knew what that meant. Art was my main constant in schooling. I took every opportunity to learn more and add art classes into my schedule.  My degree is in metalsmithing, though I haven't done metals since college, my minor is in ceramics. I started this business in 2014 creating jewelry and paintings. The more I evolved in my work, the more I have added. I love making beach glass art with paintings and use beach glass in jewelry as well. Taking years to get back into pottery, for one reason or another, the year of 2020, I made it my goal. I bought a kiln and wheel. I threw myself into working with clay again. Using my skills as a painter and a potter, I worked tirelessly to make thousands of planters through the pandemic and beyond. Since then, I have branched into other avenues with ceramics. Mugs and luminaries have been a huge focus and I have dabbled in just about everything. As I continue to prefect my process, I continue to add more into my repertoire.

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